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What are Agetechs ?

Agetechs are economic activities devoted to seniors and aging well.

The Agetechs contribute to the autonomy of all citizens and allow them to remain sovereign, master of their own destiny. They dream of a society that meets the expectations of all citizens, without them needing to express them.

A society where you are comfortable, without having to make a special effort to achieve it.  

Why is this so important?   Our planet is going through an unprecedented demographic transition.

In the decade, in Europe, the number over sixty will soon be greater than the number under twenty-five. In “rich” countries life expectancy increases by three months each year. It is also increasing in emerging countries.

At the same time, the birth rate is falling. The consequence is that the elderly population is more and more numerous…. and older and older.  

Do you have a ten year old child? He will live to be 104!

Longevity is progress

  This is the result of improving medical, health and social conditions. It’s a chance to know that we are going to live longer.  

However, this lengthening of the lifespan raises many questions, both personal and societal. There are answers, but they are often imperfect.  

Or insufficient.  

Not all of our loved ones or elderly clients have been prepared for this transition. When they were young, older life expectancy was lower and the future uncertain.   We ourselves will certainly have to adapt, evolve, accept to question things in order to age well. Society must support this aging. Comprehensive responses must be provided.  

However, states cannot meet the challenge of aging on their own.  

They can and must provide a first layer of response, but they need to rely on private initiative and the business world to develop appropriate responses.  

Agetechs are this answer.

The Agetech open data base is

The ultimate database for agetech startup worldwide.  

It's a goodwill project created and managed by Sweet Home, a french media and agency dedicated to agetech.

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